Bramley Mountain Fire Tower Restoration Project Receives Musser Grant

The Friends of Bramley Mountain Fire Tower was recently awarded $5,000 by the Laura Jane Musser Fund to go towards the reconstruction of the fire tower on Bramley Mountain. The grant will be used to fund an engineering study which will help to get the project underway. 

Ann Roberti, the President of the Friends of Bramley Mountain Fire Tower said, “We are extremely grateful to the Laura Jane Musser Fund. Non-profits from all over the country apply for these funds, and we feel very fortunate to have received this grant.”

The Laura Jane Musser Fund is headquartered in Little Falls, Minnesota, and its rural initiative is meant to encourage collaborative efforts among citizens in rural communities that will help to strengthen their regions in economic development, business preservation, public space improvements, and education.

“January was a very good month for us.”  Roberti said. “We not only received the Musser Grant, but we also succeeded in matching a $5,000 challenge grant which was funded by a local hiker.”

“Our goal has been to have the tower back up in 2023, but the beginning of 2021 has gone well enough to make us think that 2022 might be possible.”