We are so excited to tell you the exciting news!

The Friends of Bramley Mountain Fire Tower recently received major funding from two sources and, added to the $60,000 already raised, we are moving closer and closer to actual construction.
We received

  • A $25,000 Capital Improvement Grant from the Delaware County Economic Development Office’s Tourism Grant Program
  • $30,000 for reserve funding from The Catskill Watershed Corporation

We are extremely grateful for the support we have received from the Delaware County Economic Development Office and The Catskill Watershed Corporation. This funding gives us about 65% of the total amount we need to return the tower.  We hope to raise the remaining 35% in the next few months and to begin the reconstruction of the tower in August.

Delaware County Economic Development Office’s Capital Improvement Grants are aimed towards construction on properties owned by municipalities and non-profits which have a direct relationship to tourism in Delaware County.  Glenn Nealis, the director of The Economic Development Office said, “Outdoor recreation is a key attribute of Delaware County for tourists and residents alike.  The redevelopment of the Bramley Mountain fire tower will significantly enhance the hiking experience of the current trail and create a true tourism asset for the community and surrounding area”.

The Catskill Watershed Corporation supported the fire tower by earmarking $30,000 as a reserve fund in case the Tower ever needs to be disassembled.  Jason Merwin, the executive director of the CWC said, “The Catskill Watershed Corporation is happy to assist the Friends of Bramley Mountain Fire Tower. This project will have a tremendous positive impact on the local economy, tourism, and outdoor recreation in Delaware County and surrounding Watershed communities.”

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